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Helical steel and nylon gears leave no gear mark patterns in the bore. They guarantee
constant cutter speed resulting in a perfect finish.

The choice of high tensile steels. malleable iron castings and nylon gears results in a
machine with unrivaled durability and accuracy.

Two feed rates provide the possibility of a rapid rate of removal for cylinders which are to
be honed or a fine feed rate to produce a finish which needs no honing.

The cutting tool is set on a micrometer jig away from the machine so that the necessary
care and attention can easily be paid to this most important operation.

Centralising of the machine to the existing cylinder bore is carried out completely
automatically, requiring no skill whatsoever from the operator. The 3 point centralising
mechanism allows precision offsetting of the machine to remove more metal from the
most damaged area of a bore. The machine can be confidently used by unskilled workers
after just l hour of practice.

Re-sharpening of the tool is carried out by a diamond coated sharpening wheel on the
machine. using a jig supplied, so that perfect finish is achieved at all times and at no extra
cost to the user.

Special cutters are available to bore aluminium cylinders and to cut recesses for liner

The cutting tool is located at the very end of the boring bar so that "blind" bores are
easily machined.

The rigidity of the machine, combined with fine feed rates has resulted in a machine
which has no need for cutterhead steadies which cannot be used on two strokes and
which can mark the bore.

The versatility of clamping devices available for the Minibar results in a machine which can
handle any configuration of cylinders.

40 years of continuous production and development has resulted in the most convenient
accurate and reliable small boring machine available today.

38mm - l 00mm. This is the largest range of any small cylinder boring machine. It covers all
motorcycles, cars and light commercials. The construction of the machine ensures perfect
size and finish throughout this range.

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